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What is the application range of high temperature resistant protective film?

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With the increase in market demand for protective films, the different functional requirements of protective films are also expanding, especially high-temperature protective films are favored by many users. With the popularization and application of high temperature resistant protective film, its application scope has attracted more and more people's attention. Which aspects can use high temperature resistant protective film? What are the specific properties of the application range of high temperature protective film?

1. Anodized hot stamping (hot stamping). Anodized bronzing is a special printing process without ink. With the help of a certain pressure and temperature, it is applied to the template installed on the hot stamping machine to squeeze the printed matter and the hot stamping foil into each other in a short time. The metal foil or pigment of the electrodeless ultraviolet power source is transferred to the surface of the product through the image and text of the hot embossing template (usually called hot embossing). Here, the plastic film (bronze film) is only used as a carrier.

2. Printing composite film. In order to enhance the packaging effect and barrier performance, achieve complementary performance and meet the needs of sealing, spray gun printing composite film is often used as a packaging material. The mixing methods include dry mixing, wet mixing, extrusion mixing and co-extrusion mixing.

3. Vacuum aluminum plating. The vacuum aluminized film is made by a special technology of evaporating a thin layer of metal aluminum on the surface of the high temperature pet protective film, so that the surface of the film has a metallic luster and greatly improves its barrier properties. Therefore, vacuum aluminum coating has been widely used in the packaging of food, medicine and industrial products.

4. Card protective film. The card protective film is made of high-temperature resistant pet protective film, on which a layer of heat-sealable hot melt adhesive (such as EVA) is extruded and coated. It is used to protect the surface of various certificates, including ID cards, documents and photos.

5. Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting film. The laser holographic anti-counterfeiting film is mainly used for anti-counterfeiting. It is made of aluminum, and the surface is coated with a high-temperature pet protective film with laser display patterns. For example, holographic anti-counterfeiting marks can be found on credit cards, various permits issued by government agencies, ID cards, driving licenses, passports, customs documents, clothing, electrical appliances and other items of internationally renowned brands.