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What are the important but unresolved problems in PET protective film?

time:2021/2/26 10:05:04 browse:

The PET protective film in the protective film is not only a common and common type, but also one of the keywords of the website. So below, we will continue to learn and understand through some specific questions, and give some questions. The specific answer allows everyone to have a correct understanding and gain some new knowledge from it, so that they can make progress.

1 Is it convenient to use PET glue on PET protective film?

When PET glue is used for PET protective film, it is easy to operate and easy to use. In addition, in addition to PET protective film, it can also be used for PETG, APET and other materials. In addition, it can also be used as an organic solvent.

2. What color is the PET protective film material? In addition, what kind of treatment should be applied to its surface? Why does the protective film have two sides?

PET protective film materials are generally transparent and colorless, and the surface needs to be hardened. On this protective film, one side is a colored electrostatic film, and the other side is a frosted film or PET protective film.

3. How much high temperature can the PET protective film withstand? Is the release film thicker or thinner than the ordinary protective film?

The PET protective film can generally withstand a temperature of 60 to 230 degrees, but for its specific type, it still needs to be tested to get accurate results. The release film in the protective film is thinner than the ordinary film. In addition, the layer used may be a PET release film or a PE release film.