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PE protective film extends product life

time:2021/2/26 9:12:11 browse:

Regarding PE protective film, we began to consider protective films for computers and mobile phones. The decomposition of the previous layer is the protective film, which protects the upper layer of the product to prevent the paint color of the appearance from being scratched. Maybe the fingerprints on the screen are still on the display, and after a long time the display will no longer be as bright as before. In fact, the role of the protective film is not only here.

At the beginning, the material of the PE protective film is made of the most environmentally friendly materials, which will not cause serious chemical pollution to the protected products. The protective film made of UV transformer PE and other materials can eliminate secondary pollution because it can be dispersed into general materials and can be absorbed by the soil when it is used again at the collection site. Therefore, this kind of protective film is generally considered as a food wrap, it is the most hygienic and can be used peacefully. Because it has the strongest antioxidant capacity, it can eliminate bacteria in external oxygen and maintain the original freshness. In spray gun engineering and electronic product equipment, it can be said that protective films are widely used. The exaggeration of this PE protective film is that its own material is transparent and durable. In addition, the cost of PE protective film is not high, so its price is not high. Users can choose to purchase the protective film peacefully, which will not cause economic burden.

Therefore, the rational use of PE protective film can definitely extend the service life of the product. Even if the product is dead, the machine protected by the PE protective film may be the same as the new machine. Some people sell products that they no longer want to use as second-hand products. Even if the products are second-hand products, they are still the same as new products, which will definitely increase the steady sales of the products a lot.