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  • What is the temperature requirement of the PE protective film during the production process?

    PE protective film is a new type of packaging material in the logistics industry. It is also widely used in centralized packaging of various commodities. It is widely used in export, papermaking, hardware, plastic chemicals, building materials, food a…

  • PET high temperature resistant protective film has good chemical properties

    The commonly used protective film for PET high temperature resistant protective film is PET protective film, because it has good electrical, thermal and chemical properties. In the welding operation, the protective film can withstand the temperature o…

  • PE protective film extends product life

    Regarding PE protective film, we began to consider protective films for computers and mobile phones. The decomposition of the previous layer is the protective film, which protects the upper layer of the product to prevent the paint color of the appear…

  • The market position of PET mobile phone protective film

    The protective film originated in Japan, Europe and the United States. After World War II, Japan and European and American countries vigorously developed the electronics industry. The development of industry has brought about the progress of mankind, …

  • What is the application of PE protective film in die cutting?

    PE protective film manufacturers must cut through surface materials and adhesives when die-cutting, but theoretically, die-cut paper sheets are the combined result of the cutting tool and the stress fracture of the paper, that is, the downward cutting…

  • CPP protective film manufacturers teach you how to partition good and inferior film

    With the development of society, CPP protective film manufacturers have used protective films in many electrical and digital products. The protective film can protect the screen product. So when I choose a protective film, how should I choose a good p…

  • Analysis of three common PE protective film adhesives

    What are the commonly used PE protective film adhesives?1. Rubber glueAs the name implies, the main raw material of rubber-based rubber is rubber, which is mainly produced by certain protective film manufacturers in Europe and Japan. Its main feature…